Grandparents raising grandkids is now:
"Grandparents Stepping Up"

Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren these days, and sometimes it is a lonely or overwhelming experience.  
  • You are not alone.
  • Do you need a shoulder to lean on or a listening ear?
  • Do you have questions about resources available to you in Miami County (Ohio)?
Grandfamilies of Miami County offers a support group-- "Grandparents Stepping Up"-- that is a confidential and independent community where you can learn from other grandparents in your situation and share your own wisdom as well.

Rev. Ann Marie Winters, a group facilitator, is a retired pastor who has over 20 years of experience leading educational and support groups.  Ann Marie may be reached at (330) 469-6296 or at  Please reach out to make arrangements if you desire childcare during the meeting.

We are also introducing Antionette Saunders, a Troy resident who has many years' experience raising her grandchildren.

Our group meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.  The families gather for a free dinner at 5:30P, and then at 6:00PM the adults meet to talk at "The Gathering Place" 126 S Walnut Street, Troy, OH, next-door to the church.  It is a cozy home provided as a meeting place by St John United Church of Christ.  While the adults meet, children are welcome for either childcare or a supervised program in the church building and yard.
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We think that grandkids who live with their grandparents are special!  So special that they deserve our very best efforts to provide a fun time while their grandparents have their own group.  So, the little kids gather for childcare with great adults who supervise their play.  And school-aged grandkids play games-- board games, card games, and "lawn" type games like corn hole, scoop catch, lawn darts, and so on.  Activites are indoors during rainy or cold evenings, in the spacious church hall.  We have plenty of supportive adults to supervise and join in the play.  Kids also get to talk about whatever is going on with them in school or at home.  After 4 sessions, they get a prize to take home.  We think this is what special kids deserve-a fun and caring time together!  Everyone is welcome to call Ann Marie at (330) 469-6296 (group facilitator) or Antionette (co-facilitator) (717)379-3428 to register.
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Are you a grandparent raising your grandchild? You are not alone. Our support group has been meeting twice a month since February 2023. Now, we are enhancing the program to include a FREE DINNER for the family at 5:30 PM, and following dinner, from 6 to 7:30PM, we will have both an adult support group for grandparents, AND a children's fun playtime with games and guided activities/or FREE childcare for kids birth through kindergarten.

  • Date: 5/6/2024 03:13 PM
  • More Info: Free dinner at 5:30 in the church basement, Childcare and Grandparents' Support Group in "The Gathering Place" next-door to the church 126 S Walnut St, Troy, OH. 45373

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Past Events

  •  7/15/2023 01:00 PM
  •   126 South Walnut Street, Troy, OH, USA

GRANDPARENTS RAISING GRANDKIDS HAVE A BIG JOB!. Do you need a break for some healing of mind, body, soul and spirit? Take the afternoon off, and bring the kids to us. We have volunteers ready to provide a program of activities they will love. COOPERATION DAY is a fun afternoon for grandkids to enjoy a great interactive program of learning about grand-families, playing outdoor games, relaxing, and more. Grandparents may leave their kids to enjoy their own free time from 1:00 to 4:00PM All you have to do is pre-register by calling Ann Marie at 330-469-6296 or sending an email to We have 12 spaces for kids in 1st to 5th grades, and 5 spaces for their pre-school siblings. First come, first served.

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  •  6/17/2023 01:00 PM - 6/17/2023 04:00 PM
  •   126 S Walnut St, Troy, OH, USA

YOGA/RELAXATION: Yoga teacher, Mary Borton will lead the kids with movement and stories to teach relaxation and self-expression. NATIVE AMERICAN medicine man, Jim Johnson will provide articles for kids to make their own healing medicine bags. We'll also have a special art project, playground time, and of course, a snack.

  • "THE GATHERING PLACE". 126 South Walnut Street, Troy, Ohio, United States

Our support group welcomes all grandfamilies who are looking for a safe place to share their experiences and seek peer support. We eat in the church hall, and then we also use the yellow house next-door for activities. Please notify Ann Marie or Antionette if you need childcare.

Rev Ann Marie Winters

Group facilitator

Ann Marie has been facilitating educational and support groups for over 20 years. She has lived in various Ohio cities, and has served the needs of communities in Northeastern and Southern Ohio-- such as Franklin, Pataskala, Warren and currently Troy, OH.

Antionette Saunders


Antionette has been a resident of Troy for many years, and she has been raising her grandson Xion (who attends Troy junior high school), since he was very young. Also living with Antionette is her grand-daughter, Imani who is a psychology student at Wright State University. Antionette has worked in the healthcare field for many years, and she especially enjoys working with the elderly. Antionette joined "Grandparents Stepping Up" (which she named) in the Fall of 2023, and with her first-hand experience, she is a great asset to the group.

"The Body Keeps the Score"

Reading "The Body Keeps the Score" was the result of brainstorming by Ann Marie and social worker (turned yoga instructor) Debbie Flynn. These two collaborated in leading discussion and helping participants to sort out their learnings. This book about trauma (and more importantly, healing from trauma) was read with great interest by our members. It's been a wonderful growth experience. Thanks to all who participated!

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May Kids' Program

Our first ever Kid's Therapeutic Playtime was a huge success! Our hope was to activate the kids' imaginations, and allow them to think about their families, and express their feelings through music, drama and art. Read on for the complete details of what we did-- the fun we had together.

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Social Work help for grandfamilies

The National Association of Social Workers' helpful article (found on is summarized with special attention to "What Social Workers Do" and "Finding a Social Worker."

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We're on this journey together

The power of listening to one another cannot be overstated. Being truly heard and accepted and affirmed has the power to heal us and make us whole. Shared sorrows and joys shape us into a community.

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Miami County Grandparents, your support group is here!

I've had a heart to support grandparents raising grandchildren for the past 5 years, beginning support groups in Warren, and now Troy, OH. Here is the story of how I started.

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Nurturing and discipline (part two) "Grandparents as Parents,"  by Sylvie de Toledo

The second half of Chapter 6 delves into parenting in today's world, and addresses special concerns of living with technology. There are helpful thumbnail guides to determining if your child might have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and if she may need some kind of counseling.

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Nurturing and discipline (part one)"Grandparents as Parents" by Silvie de Toledo

Grandparents as Parents is a tried and true resource book written by a social worker, Sylvie de Toledo and her assistant writer, Deborah Elder Brown. Sylvie has tons of experience with grandfamilies. Her advice is both practical and wise. This is a recommended book which can be read from beginning to end, or by finding a topic of your choice and digging in. This blog will give highlights that address our group members' current interests.

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"Go To" Community Resources in Troy: Partners in Hope

Their mission: Through our faith as children of God, we build positive relationships ​and develop partnerships to create an impact in our community. Services they provide: Since 1990, Partners in Hope has been assisting persons in need through Crisis Relief – emergency assistance, Car Repair, Christmas Shop, and Caregivers – senior transportation. In addition, we offer Education and Development programming for those who wish to move beyond poverty, along with classes for community members who wish to support their fellow citizens on their journey want to engage in the fight against poverty. Classes include; Getting Ahead, Faith and Finances, Bridges out of Poverty, and interactive opportunities like PIH Poverty Simulations. Partner Families also benefit from the ongoing group support program Staying Ahead.


Kinship and Adoption Resource

Ohio Kinship and Adoption Navigator-- established in 2020, this organization is a well-spring of information if you are raising a child you is your relative, and you are seeking support of various kinds listed below: What can OhioKAN help you navigate? Basic Needs Benefits Caregiver Health Caregiver Training & Education Child Health Child Social Support Child Development Childcare Education & Schools Family Functioning Financial Services Legal Aid & Services


Grandfamily/kinship Coalition

The Ohio Grandparent/Kinship Coalition (OGKC) is an organization consisting of kinship caregivers, kinship caregiver advocates and agencies throughout Ohio. What does OGKC do? Educate kinship caregivers and agencies regarding state and national programs / issues affecting kinship caregivers Advocate at local, state and national levels for support of kinship families Provide a networking system for caregivers and agencies Link caregivers with services in their communities Connect new kinship care programs with speaker’s bureau Conduct statewide conferences We need you at the table! OGKC seeking members to join us!