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Play Group

We think that grandkids who live with their grandparents are special!  So special that they deserve our very best efforts to provide a fun time while their grandparents have their own group.  So, the little kids gather for childcare with great adults who supervise their play.  And school-aged grandkids play games-- board games, card games, and "lawn" type games like corn hole, scoop catch, lawn darts, and so on.  Activites are indoors during rainy or cold evenings, in the spacious church hall.  We have plenty of supportive adults to supervise and join in the play.  Kids also get to talk about whatever is going on with them in school or at home.  After 4 sessions, they get a prize to take home.  We think this is what special kids deserve-a fun and caring time together!  Everyone is welcome to call Ann Marie at (330) 469-6296 to register.