"Go To" Community Resources in Troy: Partners in Hope

Their mission: Through our faith as children of God, we build positive relationships ​and develop partnerships to create an impact in our community. Services they provide: Since 1990, Partners in Hope has been assisting persons in need through Crisis Relief – emergency assistance, Car Repair, Christmas Shop, and Caregivers – senior transportation. In addition, we offer Education and Development programming for those who wish to move beyond poverty, along with classes for community members who wish to support their fellow citizens on their journey want to engage in the fight against poverty. Classes include; Getting Ahead, Faith and Finances, Bridges out of Poverty, and interactive opportunities like PIH Poverty Simulations. Partner Families also benefit from the ongoing group support program Staying Ahead.


Kinship and Adoption Resource

Ohio Kinship and Adoption Navigator-- established in 2020, this organization is a well-spring of information if you are raising a child you is your relative, and you are seeking support of various kinds listed below: What can OhioKAN help you navigate? Basic Needs Benefits Caregiver Health Caregiver Training & Education Child Health Child Social Support Child Development Childcare Education & Schools Family Functioning Financial Services Legal Aid & Services


Grandfamily/kinship Coalition

The Ohio Grandparent/Kinship Coalition (OGKC) is an organization consisting of kinship caregivers, kinship caregiver advocates and agencies throughout Ohio. What does OGKC do? Educate kinship caregivers and agencies regarding state and national programs / issues affecting kinship caregivers Advocate at local, state and national levels for support of kinship families Provide a networking system for caregivers and agencies Link caregivers with services in their communities Connect new kinship care programs with speaker’s bureau Conduct statewide conferences We need you at the table! OGKC seeking members to join us!