Rev Ann Marie Winters

Group facilitator

Ann Marie has been facilitating educational and support groups for over 20 years. She has lived in various Ohio cities, and has served the needs of communities in Northeastern and Southern Ohio-- such as Franklin, Pataskala, Warren and currently Troy, OH.

Antionette Saunders


Antionette has been a resident of Troy for many years, and she has been raising her grandson Xion (who attends Troy junior high school), since he was very young. Also living with Antionette is her grand-daughter, Imani who is a psychology student at Wright State University. Antionette has worked in the healthcare field for many years, and she especially enjoys working with the elderly. Antionette joined "Grandparents Stepping Up" (which she named) in the Fall of 2023, and with her first-hand experience, she is a great asset to the group.